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Blast Master Shield- [1037]

  • Ideal for hard-hitting martial artists with three kick layers of foam surrounding an inflatable tube
  • Two back handles and one on each side aids the holder
  • Durable 16 oz. vinyl
    Sold individually

  • $119.99
    Body Shield- [1032]

  • Great for developing form and accuracy when performing kicks and strikes
  • Constructed of reinforced0nylon vinyl and compressed foam for impact absorption
  • Two back strap handles and two side handles provide stability for the holder
  • $79.99
    Century® BRAVE™ Body Shield- [147022P]

  • Ideal for developing a variety of strikes during partner training
  • Lightweight, high-impact resistant foam for shock absorption
  • Two back handles and two side handles provide training versatility
    Sold Individually

  • $59.99
    Century® BRAVE™ Curved Muay Thai Pad- [147012P]

  • Built for developing powerful kicks, punches, knees, and elbows
  • Lightweight, high density foam for impact absorption
  • Hook-and-loop forearm closure prevents shifting
    Sold individually

    Dimensions: 8.5" X 14
  • $29.99
    Century® BRAVE™ Forearm Shield- [147011P]

  • Built for partner training
  • Handle and web strap offer a secure grip
  • Lightweight foam offers impact absorption
  • Composed of durable polyurethane for everyday training
    Sold individually

    Dimensions: 15
  • $24.99
    Century® CREED™ Body Shield- [106020]

  • Provides optimal coverage for the chest, stomach, and ribs
  • Features contoured raised, high compression multi-layered foam for maximum absorption
  • Genuine leather and reinforced seam stitching for durability
  • Heavy duty multi-str
  • $199.99
    Century® CREED™ Suitcase Pad- [106010]

  • Genuine leather construction provides a durable surface to resist wear
  • Reinforced riveted handles ensures a solid grip for the holder
  • High-density foam construction is made to withstand high-impactkicks and punches
    Sold individual
  • $179.99
    Century® CREED™ Thai Pad with Elbow Shield- [106001]

  • Quad layer foam padding for the perfect ratio of absorption and rebound
  • Rigorously tested and developed at some of the top MMA schools including Jackson/Winkeljohn MMA
  • Innovative elbow shield aids in stabilizing the pad while reducin
  • $199.99
    Century® CREED™ Traditional Thai Pad- [106000]

  • Quad layer foam padding for the perfect ratio of impact absorption and rebound
  • Rigorously tested and developed at some of the top MMA schools including Jackson/Winkeljohn MMA
  • Ergonomic design allows the pad to rest flush against the
  • $179.99
    Forearm Kicking Shield- [1034]

  • Great for developing accuracy and power
  • PVC handle and second nylon web strap supports the holder’s forearm during training
  • 16 oz. vinyl-coated polyester construction provides a durable surface for a variety of strikes
    Sold indivi
  • $39.99
    Kid Kick Shield- [1035]

    *Red nylon cover is sewn over a cushion of high density foam

    *Two back handles allow the holder to keep a secure grip

    Sold Individually


    Size: 16" x 12" x 5" thick

    Color: Red

    Krav Maga Body Shield- [145038]

  • Developed to absorb impact from intense attacks
  • Multiple handles for training versatility
  • Thick impact foam for maximum shock absorption
  • Contoured design aids in catching strikes
    Sold individually

  • $139.99
    Krav Maga Upper Cut Shield- [145381]

  • Reinforced design for intense combat training
  • High density foam absorbs heavy strikes
  • Complete with four vinyl handles and two elastic arm straps
  • Enhanced nylon stitching prevents breakdown
  • Extra durable, 18 oz. vinyl c
  • $119.99
    Lil' Dragon® Blocker- [1057]

    *Features a 12" blocking surface

    *17" overall length

    *Convenient cord attachment


    Size: Target: 12" X 4-1/2"; Handle: 5"

    Color: Purple

    Powerline Force Shield- [10391]

  • Perfect for high-impact kicks and punches
  • Constructed of 9”-thick foam covered in heavy 16 oz. reinforced vinyl
  • Two back strap handles and PVC handles on the sides provide stability
    Sold individually

  • $109.99
    Powerline Slammer Shield- [10380]

  • Contoured design allows for kicks at multiple angles
  • Seven strategically placed handles give the holder more target variations during training
  • Constructed of polyester-reinforced vinyl for durability
    Sold individually
  • $119.99
    Powerline Uppercut Shield- [10381]

  • Multi-angled striking surface for multiple punch and kick combinations
  • Two handles on back and one located on each side
  • Two elastic arm straps centered on back to secure pad
  • Durable 16 oz. vinyl construction
    Sold individual
  • $99.99
    The Slammer™ Shield- [1038]

  • Ideal for power combinations involving kicking and punching
  • Curved design helps catch strikes
  • 16 oz. reinforced-nylon vinyl and 6" foam construction
    Two black strap handles and two side handles provide stability for the holder
  • $89.99
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